“A musical version of ‘Tales From The Crypt'”

Rockfist have reviewed “You Are Dead”

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Happily Ever Blind – You Are Dead (2018)

In distant Helsinki the temperature is still under zero, but here are the heavy rockers Happily Ever Blind to warm up the climate with their last EP.

The reason for “You Are Dead”, the Finnish fourth record label, consisting of 5 tracks with distinctive “dirt” in the sound and production that the guys took care of in a fairly old way, for to emphasize even more the groovy of the thing, but also the cultilla. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that this work is one of the most cult things I’ve ever come to realize (for some reason, it seems to me like Stories from Crypt in a musical version, although I can not say it’s the horror element that dominates here). Listen to it by trying to follow the lyrics that tie in with the music and you will understand what I mean.