What’s your name?

Happily Ever Blind

Where are you from?


Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.

We kicked it off about two and a half years ago in the summer of 2015 when myself and drummer, Jon Lawless, fellow expats from Australia hooked up with local bass master Janne Mikkola to jam a few song ideas. Prior to this I was playing with a couple of local bands but had the urge to start something else truly original. I had played with Jon a few years back in a Rock cover band as well. Janne was also (and still is) the bassist for renowned local Black Metal band “Graveborne” but was looking to start a side project where he could express some of his alternative tendencies. Over the last couple of years the band has really just been developing our sound and getting comfortable playing together as a unit. We have put out some demos but our latest EP has the production we are finally happy with. We have also been getting some gigs under our belt and trying out literally a million guitarists. I was first going to be on guitars but that changed when I switched to vocals. Luckily we got our current guitarist Ilpo Kauppinen on board last year. He was already a good friend of Janne’s whom he had played in bands with previously. Now the ground work is done we are ready to take it to the next level, release some awesome music and gig like hell!

 Tell us about your musical style, influences.

Our musical tastes are all over the place. Janne is a big fan of Funk and that really shows in his song writing. You can also hear a bit of Punk and Thrash in there. Jon is into Punk, Rock and Heavy Metal. Ilpo brings a touch of Ska to the mix. I am definitely more of a traditional Metal guy but gain inspiration from every kind ofmusic and from the world we live in. I aspire to be as good as Neil Fallon of “Clutch” or Dave Wyndorf of “Monster Magnet”. Those guys are lyrical geniuses. We classify ourselves as “Heavy Groove Rock” because we are too left field to put us in the Heavy-Heavy category and we are too hard to be put in the Rock category.. and we gots those funky bass lines.

What has been your last project?

We have just released our new EP called “You Are Dead”. It is 5 songs of pure Cult Rock. You will either love it or hate to love it.. what? Just check it out on Spotify, Apple Music etc.

And the next thing you have planned?

Our next plan is to play a lot of shows over the summer. We have some stuff in the works in Finland but also in neighbouring contries, Russia, Estonia etc. We are also writing material for a new release which is coming along nicely. The songs are much more mature and sounding great. We are going to do a new music video for at least one of them.

What’s else?



Janne Mikkola – Bass

Jon Lawless – Drums

Johnny E – Vocals

Ilpo Kaupainen – Guitars

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